14 December 13:00ÅF

Warm welcome to the fempack network's second year anniversary on the 14th of December at ÅF in Malmö. 

We will have inspiring women from the packaging industry to share their story and speakers that will share their views on the importance of businesses being attractive for all genders and diversity in order to stay competitive in the future. 

About fempack

We launched Fempack by Packbridge, a network for professional women in the packaging value chain, on December 14, 2016. It happened straight after our major annual Conference the Top Packaging Summit by Packbridge, where a bottom-up initiate evolved – WE NEED MORE WOMEN in the industry! As it was a missing part of our platform, our response was fast – we started a network for women in order to bridge the gap.

All you need to know

Our aim is to create events and activities that put you and your needs in the centre.

This event is hosted by ÅF in Malmö.

Preliminary Agenda

Registration and Coffee


Welcome by event host - ÅF

Short presentation by ÅF


Trapped between a glass floor and a glass ceiling?

Magdalena Nour - MINE


Steering group Cases/Experiences


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Zenit Design - Speaker two





Magdalena Nour

Trapped between a glass floor and a glass ceiling?

Diversity and an inclusive leadership is a competitive advantage of any organisation, but sometimes it's easier said than done. You need tools and concrete drivers and ideas. You might find yourself trapped between a glass floor and a glass ceiling. To burst through the glass ceiling, the floor has to be stiletto proof, or it might break. The values, attitudes and confidence of an organisation have to be rock solid, as they matter for your professional output and results.

Magdalena Nour

Magdalena Nour is the Managing Director of MINE, a non profit organisation working for a socially sustainable society, diverse development and profitability through diversity since 2003. Magdalena has over 20 years of international experience of business development focusing on employer branding, strategic HR and diversity. Magdalena is going to talk about her personal journey in business with a focus on grit, courage and focus through a perspective of norms and old fashioned structures.

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fempack steering group

Zsófia Réger

Packaging Developer @ Axfood

Helena Lindh

Environment Executive @ Tetra Pak 

Hannah Franzel

Senior Packaging Consultant @ ÅF

Karin Edström

Project Manager Packaging @ RISE Bioeconomy

Karla Marie B. Paredes

Ph.D Student @ Lund University 

Sara Bergendorff

Project Manager @ Returpack AB

Cecilia Tofterö

Packaging development consultant @ Tofterö.se

Svetlana Eskebaek

Business Development @ Packbridge

Open seat

Are you interested in participating in the fempack steering group? Please contact Svetlana at svetlana@packbridge.se